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Summer has come and gone and that can only mean winter is coming. The season for layering and cozy outfits is upon us. As with every season, there are several trends to watch out for this winter. Now while we may dread the dark and cold days, here are some winter essentials to get you through.
Turtleneck/Shirt under Dress
Layering a turtleneck or a shirt under your favorite dress is a recurring trend this season. Layering gives you the opportunity to stay warm without compromising your style. Whether it is your favorite leather dress or a cocktail dress you have worn once and have not been able to recycle, wearing a layer underneath will allow for that extra warmth. The versatility of this option and ability to double up on certain pieces of clothing makes it a practical yet stylish one.
Platform Booties
As temperatures drop, our peep toe booties may no longer seem as a viable option. However, pairing your favorite pair with shimmery socks, ruffled or even lace ones is a good way to avoid narrowing down your options. Whether you are looking to balance out a pattern or make an outfit more cohesive, pairing your booties with socks will make your outfit chic and edgy, all while ensuring you stay warm and comfortable.
Platform Booties
The scarf is likely to be the most essential accessory when the temperatures are too low for comfort. Not only does it serve the purpose of keeping you warm, but it is the perfect accessory to add charm to your outfit. The variety of options, as well as how you choose to wear it, allows you to show off your personal style while fighting off that winter chill. Warp it around, stay cozy and you you are ready to go!
Trench Coat
What better way to stay warm and dry than in a trench coat? Not only is this item of clothing fashion forward in a classic and traditional sense, but it also allows for the functionality that is necessary for your daily life. Whether it is a rainy Saturday dedicated to running errands, or you find yourself getting ready for a work day, the trench coat is the way to go. Whatever your body type or personal style, the trench coast is essential to every women’s wardrobe.
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