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Trend Alert! Eyewear Trends of Spring-Summer 2016

If the Spring-Summer 2016 runway shows told fashionistas anything about eyewear trends, it was Big is Back. That was from pre-season shows last fall, so what exactly are we now seeing on the street and in current runway shows? Looks like those predictions came true.

We're seeing eyewear that's big in every way imaginable. From ginormous glam shades to exaggerated cat-eye frames, it's grand to behold the look of Spring-Summer 2016.

Here's a peek.

Cat-Eyes so Wide They Hardly Fit Down the Aisles in the Library

What's a fashion-forward gal to do when she loves cat-eye frames but they've been around forever? Go large! That can mean huge frames or far-jutting points... why not both?
Mismatched Shapes that Shape up Right

Remember that short-lived 80's fad where girls wore mismatched earrings? Same thing only now it's the lenses of your glasses or sunnies. Like the earring thing, this one is only for the fashionably bold.
3. Geometric Shapes Straight Out of the 90's

Square, hexagon, or ever so slim (think thin-band wraparounds)... geometric shapes signifying an affinity for a tech look that makes us think of The Matrix. Still sporting your old ones? You're in luck because that look is back.

4. Double Wire Frames (Also Straight Out of the 90s)

This is another tech-inspired look. It's deeply architectural and slightly futuristic... all about a metal support framework that takes the place of heavy plastic frames. The double wire rim style can be found on aviators, unconventional shapes, and even cat-eyes.

5. Crazy Details and Ornate Embellishments

If Cyndi Lauper were to have her own eyewear line... that's the embellishment trend. Think frames adorned with everything from fruit to gold glittery bits. Think engraving, lace details and more.

6. Forget the Sun: Clear Lenses Rule

While dark lenses are sill in vogue for blocking out the sun (and unwanted admirers), clear is definitely hot right now. For those who crave the bespectacled look but don't want to obscure their lovely peepers, clear is clearly the way to go.

7. "Safety Glasses"

Remember shop class? Well tone down the safety glasses, remove the protective sides and that's the safety glasses trend in eyewear for Spring-Summer 2016. Safety first Fashion first!

Got enough inspiration for your next shopping?

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