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The simple yet eccentric nature of street style continues to be one of the major sources of inspiration in the fashion world. The creativity and ability to relate to some of the fashion choices, as opposed to some runway outfits that do not necessarily fit into an average person’s lifestyle, makes street style a phenomenon that has increasingly grown in popularity and importance. One does to have to look far to find the many fashion blogs dedicated to documenting street style from all corners of the world.

Fashion month is where all the fashionistas come out to play and street style inspiration is in abundance. With designers having presented their collections and set the tone for the coming two years, here is some street style that will help you out when your creative energies are feeling low:
Statement Sleeves
The bigger the better. Whether is ruffled sleeves, fur sleeves or bell sleeves to name a few, statement sleeves were quite the rage among the street stylists.
Shearling Lined Coats
Colder times call for warmer coats. This style trend is back and what better way to fight of the cold in a comfortable, warm, yet stylish shearling coat.
Layers, Layers and more Layers
This is not simply layering for the purpose of staying warm. This is the layering of textures, patterns and styles to show off your originality.
Midi Skirts
Weather it was pleated midi skirts, metallic ones or a combination of both, this look was ever present. Paired with sneaks or heels, the versatility of the midi skirt and its feminine appeal is a must.
Velvet Galore
This rich fabric with deep colors or bright hues, this trend has street stylers looking as chic as can be. Blurring the lines between daytime and nighttime wear, velvet is the go to from knee high boots to classic blazers.
Whatever your sense of style, express yourself and indulge in the creative process. There is no one like you, and be sure you show the world that.
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